Prof. Eleonora Catsigeras (author in several WSEAS Conferences and WSEAS Journals) was the winner of the award "For Women on Science" L'Oreal-UNESCO 2014 of Uruguay.

Many Uruguayan women scientists from a wide spectrum of scientific areas competed for this prize: basic and applied sciences, engineering, medical sciences, science of Earth and nature, etc.

Prof. Eleonora Catsigeras explains: "I had the honour to be the only winner among the women scientists of my country that were postulated in all that large spectrum of sciences". There was also a special mention to Dr. Claudia Piccini, Biology scientist.
"I would like to thank WSEAS and point out that WSEAS is an important part of my scientific labour. In fact, WSEAS appears in my curriculum, which was evaluated for the prize, since I am a WSEAS reviewer and also because WSEAS has peer-reviewed, accepted and published two articles of my research work in its journal "Transactions of Mathematics". These merits have surely been important credits to deserve this award."


Channel of UNESCO-Spanish:

Video of the channel of UNESCO-Spanish in Youtube (in Spanish)

English translation of the video (click the "cc" icon at the down right corner of the video frame)

Video from a Latin American TV channel (in Spanish) (go to minute 20:29 to start the part of the TV program about the award)

Video of a program about the award in an Uruguaian TV channel (in Spanish)

Catsigeras' web page (in Spanish, but some information is also translated to English)

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