Special Issue: 92

AI for COVID-19
for the journal   WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control


Prof. Arpit Jain
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies - [UPES]
Dehradun, India


The COVID-19 has hit the global at a colossal scale. With worldwide reported cases of 8.34 million, and declared as pandemic by World Health Organization, it has led to severe impact on humanity. Being a highly contagious disease it has put up global health services to its severe challenges. Various countries are fighting to minimize the losses due to the outbreak, however a common trait is enforcing lockdown. Researchers are working round the clock to find a breakthrough in the diagnostics and treatment of the pandemic. The global lockdown has introduced new challenges and has led to formulation of new societal challenges.  The aim of this issue is to publish state of art global research findings on impact of modern day technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, data science, Robotics, Internet of Things, etc. in fighting against COVID-19.



- Dynamics of COVID-19 
- Artificial Intelligence 
- Machine Learning 
- Deep Learning 
- Robotic systems 
- Patient Monitoring 
- Social Distancing 
- Time-series 
- Forecasting 
- Neural Networks 
- Fuzzy Logic

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