Special Issue: 81

Computational Intelligence and Optimization of Digital Era
for the journal WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control


Dr. K. Viswanath, IEEE Member, Member of IEEE-SSCS
Block No: 5, 2 nd floor
R.L.Jalappa Institute of Technology
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The entire global is driven by electronics and computer technology due to its rapid growth and gradually been adapting high competitions. To develop the competitive benefits, the special issue is mainly focuses on development and creation of IT environment symmetry and invulnerability by using electronics tools pertaining to electronics circuits, physics, and bioelectronics, micro/optoelectronics, high speed digital circuits and energy systems. The era of electronics provides debate for the latest developments in the field of low power circuits like VLSI, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded applications and IP cores pertaining to DSP applications. Electronic era is also part of transmission/reception and storage of huge data in the cloud hence Internet of Everything (IoE) plays major role for cyber security issues in real world communication, therefore electronics era also addresses the same in form of practical results with mathematical models. The manuscripts are welcome from different countries among the young and energetic scientists, research scholars and dynamic faculties of various educational institutions.


Track1: Designs & Optimization
- Electronics/Electrical circuits & Devices
- Microelectronics and Computer technology
- Security issues in cryptography systems
- Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering
- Signal Processing
- Measurement Technology
- Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
- System & Control Engineering

Track 2: Electronics for Bio Signal/Image/Video processing
- Bioelectronics
- Fuzzy Logics
- Applications of digital circuits
- Speech, Video and Image Processing applications
- Verification through Test Vectors
-Power electronics and energy systems
- Physical Design and Testability in VLSI
- Applications to Healthcare related to electronics
- Synthesis and Verification in Digital electronics Circuits
- DSP applications
- Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network
- Analog Electronics and designs
- Applications based on IoT solicitations, e.g. smart systems, smart digital systems, and security, health tracking wearable devices like ECG/EEG, weather monitors

Track3: E-Government, E-Business and E-Commerce
- Customer to Customer Interaction through Electronics media
- Designs and developments pertaining to E-Business
- ASIC- Computer Architecture
- E-Commerce Modes-Perspective
- Chips fabrications through E-Business/Commerce
- Two Pillars of DFT: Controllability & Observability
- Dynamics of Scan Testing

Track4: IoT and Cryptography
- Security Issues
- Electronics Communication related to IoT and Cryptography
- Medical and healthcare
- Transportation
- Building and home automations
- Digital Machines
- Computer Interactions
- Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Microcontroller based applications
-Machine to Machine Interactions
- Sensors and Actuators
- Different Protocols
- Wireless sensors devices

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Note that the Deadline for Paper submission is 31st December of 2021.
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