Special Issue: 50

Computational Intelligence for Big Data Analytics
for the journal WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control

Organizer: Prof. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem
Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences,
Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Big Data analytics (BDA) is the science of drawing conclusions and making sense of raw data and information. BDA has become a broad domain that includes a diversity of computational intelligence (CI) paradigms and intelligent methodologies. CI enables users with learning mechanisms that help to induce knowledge from such raw big data. The aim of this special issue comprises the whole range of CI paradigms and application areas. The issue includes the recent technical advances of CI in big data analytics and shows how these advances have been applied to solve business and industry problems.


Track1: Computational Intelligence Paradigms
- Bio-inspired Computing
- Case-Based Reasoning
- Fuzzy logic and Systems
- Rough Sets Theory
- Decision Trees

Track 2: Computational Intelligence Applications
- Applications of CI to Process Industry
- Applications of CI to Robotics and Autonomous Systems
- Applications of CI to Decision-Making
- Applications of CI to Healthcare
- Applications of CI to user authentication and identification.
- Applications of CI to daily life IoT applications, e.g. smart cars, home appliances and security, health tracking wearable devices, weather monitors

Track3: Data Science and Engineering
- Data Mining Computing: Web Mining
- Image Mining -Graph Mining
- Opinion Mining- Mobile Mining
- Data Engineering: Storage , Retrieval and Protection Techniques
- Smart Software and Packages
- Smart Phone Software
- Intelligent Tools and Shells

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