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*** COMPUTER SYSTEMS SUPPORT AND TECHNOLOGY, Nova Publishers, Nikos E. Mastorakis (Editor)

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN COMPUTER RESEARCH, Nova Publishers, Nikos E. Mastorakis (Editor)

***  COMPUTER DESIGN & COMPUTATIONAL DEFENSE SYSTEMS, Nova Publishers,N. E. Mastorakis (Editor)

  NETWORKS and QUANTUM COMPUTING, Nova Publishers, Nikos E. Mastorakis (Editor)


Please, if you want to collaborate with me to publish new papers in IEEE,        WSEAS, NAUN etc... see my recent research works here:

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  Design of 2-D Filters I (IEEE)

  Design of 2-D Filters II (IEEE)

  Fast Fourier Transform and Transformations (IEEE)

  Factorization of m-D Polynomials (IEEE)

  Stability of m-D Polynomials (IEEE)

  New Necessary Stability conditions (IEEE)

  2-D Stability Margin I (IEEE)

  2-D Stability Margin II (IEEE)

  2-D Stability Margin III (IEEE)

  Electromagnetics (IEEE)

  IEEE IJCNN2009-paper-47.pdf

  Elsevier Journal IMAVIS2558.pdf

  Springer Verlag 44930764.pdf


  General Fuzzy systems


NEW UPDATED CV (August 22, 2015)



Academic Positions:

1) Professor in the Technical University of Sofia, BULGARIA
and           the Decision of the Senate

2) Honorary Professor, University of Cluj, ROMANIA,

3) Honorary Professor, Óbuda University,  Budapest, HUNGARY,

4) Honorary Professor, Budapest Tech, Budapest, HUNGARY,

5) Visiting Professor, University of Exeter, UNITED KINGDOM
See CV_Mastorakis.doc

6) Professor at ASEI (Military Institutes of University Education), Hellenic Naval Academy, GREECE

Academic Distinctions:

1) Prize of Excellence from Romanian Academy of Science, Bucharest, ROMANIA

2) Honorary Diploma from Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences, GEORGIA Photo

) Honorary Diploma from the General Association of the Romanian Engineers, ROMANIA


External examiner in Ph.Ds. in AIT (Asia Institute of Technology) and Cairo University



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"I asked my grand-father to give me an advice and he told me:
 reach whatever you can reach.
 I asked him again to give me a more difficult advice and he told me:
 reach whatever you can not reach!"

 Nikos Kazantzakis, "Report to El-Greco"


Η Ιστοσελίδα του χωριού μου Σφάκα, Σητείας, Λασηθίου, Κρήτης