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Location: Faro, Portugal, May 2-4, 2012

Venue: University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics


8th WSEAS International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (EEESD '12)
5th WSEAS International Conference on Landscape Architecture (LA '12)
5th WSEAS World Congress: Applied Computing Conference 2012 (ACC '12)

The following conferences were co-organized in Algarve by WSEAS and NAUN:

Lakes, Rivers, Groundwater and Sea 2012
Sustainable Cities, Urban Sustainability and Transportation 2012
Forests, Mountains, Valleys and Volcanoes 2012
Science Parks and Technology Parks 2012
Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage 2012
Biologically Inspired Computation 2012


Title: Recent Researches in Applied Information Science
ISBN: 978-1-61804-089-3

Editors: Nikos Mastorakis, Valeri Mladenov, Zoran Bojkovic
Pages: 229
Price: 70 EUR

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Title: Recent Researches in Environment, Energy Systems and Sustainability
ISBN: 978-1-61804-088-6

Editors: Rui António Rodrigues Ramos, Inga Straupe, Thomas Panagopoulos
Pages: 297
Price: 80 EUR

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Title: Recent Researches in Environmental Science and Landscaping
ISBN: 978-1-61804-090-9

Editors: Jon Burley, Luis Loures, Thomas Panagopoulos
Pages: 226
Price: 70 EUR

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Best Paper Awards:

Best Paper of EEESD '12:
Sustainable Air Transportation
by Ramesh K. Agarwal

Best Paper of LA '12:
Developing Polychrome Fields: A Minnesota Case Study
by Jon Bryan Burley, Luis Loures, Mengwen Feng

Best Paper of ACC '12:
Multirate Depth Control of an AUV by Neural Network Model Reference Controller for Enhanced Situational Awareness
by Igor Astrov, Boris Gordon

Best Paper of LARIGS '12:
Conditionally Averaged Turbulent Structures of Flow over Two Dimensional Dunes in Large Rivers
by Nadeesha Dharmasiri, Shu-Qing Yang, Yu Han

Best Paper of SCUST '12:
Aspects Considering the Evaluation of Urban Risk. Case Study - Timisoara (Romania)
by Cătălina Ancuţa, Claudia Muţulescu

Best Paper of FOMOVAVO '12:
The Forests in the EU Mediterranean Basin: Different Management Models and Problems
by António Xavier, Maria De Belém Martins

Best Paper of SPATP '12:
Comparing Business Park Success Factors Using Value Assessment
by Pasi Ojala, James Nysather

Best Paper of STACH '12:
Is Water a Limiting Factor to Tourism in Desert South Australia?
by Meryl Pearce, Eileen Willis, Ben Wadham

Best Paper of BIC '12:
An Analysis of the Solution Quality of the Simple Genetic Algorithm
by Haldun Aytug, Anand Paul

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Interviews from Corfu, Greece, July 2016

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Photos from the Sessions

Celebration of the 20 Years of the Society

Plenary Speech of Prof. Tarek Saadawi, City University of New York

Plenary Speech of A.Yahalom, Ariel University, Israel (Part I)

Plenary Speech of A.Yahalom, Ariel University, Israel (Part II)

June 28th, 2016:

Photos from the WSEAS Conferences and excursion in Ischia, Italy


November 16th, 2015:

Photos from the WSEAS Conferences in Rome, Italy

Seoul, Korea: Interviews

August 18th, 2015:

Photos from the WSEAS Conferences in Salerno, Italy

New Interviews

Professor M. Katehakis:

"WSEAS is an international well-respected Society"

January 13th, 2015:

WSEAS Transactions Acceptance Rates for 2013-2014

Geneva, Switzerland: Interviews

Istanbul, Turkey: Interviews

December 8th, 2014:

Photos from the WSEAS Conferences in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy: Events and Interviews

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Awards and Distinctions

Prof. Eleonora Catsigeras winner of the "For Women on Science" L'Oreal-UNESCO 2014 of Uruguay Award.

October 1st, 2014:

"Image Analysis Inspired by Physical Electro-Magnetic Fields" by Dr. Xiaodong Zhuang and Prof. Nikos Mastorakis now available

September 22nd, 2014:

Photos from the WSEAS Conferences in Salerno, Italy
and from the Conference Excursion in Pompei

July 29th, 2014: New Interviews - Plenary Lectures

Prof. Paul G. Mezey, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Prof. Paul D. Sclavounos, MIT
Prof. George Vachtsevanos, GIT, USA

Awards and Distinctions

Prof. Nikos Mastorakis honoured at the University of Salerno.

Prof. Francesco Mainardi honoured with the prestigious Mittag-Leffler Award.

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June 18th, 2014:

Impressions from Recent WSEAS Conferences

Distinction for WSEAS Research Projects