Plenary Lecture

Dynamical Analysis of a Nutrient Limited Delayed Model of Drug Resistance

Professor Yongwimon Lenbury
co-author: Pailin Chayapham
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand
E-mail: scylb@yahoo.com

Abstract: Development of resistance to drugs is a well recognized medical complication arising from prolonged drug use leading to serious side effects and causing great harm to the patient as well as grave concern on the part of the physicians in charge. In this work, we consider a model of the dynamic interaction between sensitive and resistant strains of pathogens in a nutrient limiting environment. A delay in the process of conversion from a sensitive strain to a resistant strain is taken into account. Impulsive drug treatments or external intervention is also incorporated, resulting in an impulsive system of nonlinear differential equations with delay. The system’s stability and persistence are investigated. Moreover, attention is paid to the possibility of periodic behavior in the system of interest.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: After Professor Yongwimon Lenbury obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University, USA, she returned to the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University to teach, and conduct research in dynamical modeling of nonlinear systems in biology and medicine. She was appointed professor of Mathematics in 1996. Prof. Lenbury has been involved in research work in the field by Mathematical Modelling and Nonlinear Systems in Biology and Medicine. Her work involves dynamical modelling and analysis of nonlinear systems such as food chains coupled by parasitic infections, hormone secretion systems in the human body, and so on. Of particular interest are the pacemaker oscillations and rhythmogenesis in human mechanism which have been proposed as a way to differentiate sickness from health. For example, some of her works involves the construction and analysis of a model for insulin kinetics and the identification of oscillatory behavior subject to various feeding regimens. Her recent interest has been concentrated in the signal transduction system involving GPCR, a major drug target. She received an award from the National Research Council as the Outstanding Researcher in the field of Physical Science in the year 1998. Her continued achievements have resulted in her being granted the prestigious position of Senior Researcher of the Thailand Research Fund in Mathematics, 2000-2002 and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Thailand. Collaborating with several researchers in various countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand, Prof. Lenbury has been devoted to the promotion of research and education in the field of Mathematics in Thailand.

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