Special Issue: 51

Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies in Business and Economics
for the journal WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics

Organizer: Prof. Vitalina Babenko
Professor of International Business and Economic Theory Department of the
School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business,

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

Now, it is impossible to name the area of human activity, in which Modeling and Information Technologies would not have been used to some extent. No large-scale technological, economic or environmental project is seriously considered without exploring it with the help of mathematical modeling, computational experiments and information technologies. This phrase finds its importance in today’s highly competitive and economically turbulent business world.

- Modeling of Management of Enterprises;
- Information Technologies in Economics;
- Modeling of Economic Processes in Terms of Uncertainty;
- Artificial Intelligence in Modeling Economic Processes;
- Methods and Models of Multiple Factor Analysis;
- Fundamentals of Modeling the Dynamics;
- Prediction of Nonlinear Dynamics;
- Theory of games: Games with nature;
- Intelligent Decision Support Systems;
- Internet Technologies in International Business;
- Automation of Management Processes in the Socio-economic Systems;
- Theoretical and Applied Research in Economics 4.0;
- Dynamic Optimization Models;
- Computer Technology in the Socio-economic systems;
- Information Security Systems;
- Information Systems in the Economy;
- Intellectual Information Systems;
- Artificial Intelligence Systems;
- Internet of Things;
- Decision Support Systems;
- E-commerce;
- Data Mining;
- Business Process Modeling

Deadline to submit a paper: April 30, 2020


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