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Zdeněk Úředníček

WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control

Print ISSN: 1991-8763
E-ISSN: 2224-2856

Volume 12, 2017

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Volume 12, 2017

Heat Transfer Analysis of Roof Drains in the Calorimetric Chamber

AUTHORS : Zdeněk Úředníček

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ABSTRACT : Paper describes active damping possibility of mechanical system with two not ideally stiffly connected masses. This type of problem can by often see at speed or position servo systems with electromechanical actuators – electrical engines. There controlled values are usually measured directly on actuator and not on loading mass. This is a reason why the control precision depends on elimination of load mass to the actuator torque influence in control system. At many motion control tasks, the problem of oscillations existence in multidimensional system with limited motion control and imperfect or complicated state quantities measurement possibility exists. Paper also describes active damping simple possibility of these type systems and by two-dimensional system physical model shows active damping possibility also with indirect state quantities measurement option

KEYWORDS : Motion control, active damping, physical model, multiport model, observer


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WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1991-8763 / 2224-2856, Volume 12, 2017, Art. #27, pp. 253-262

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