Plenary Lecture

Tensional Psychological Dynamics between Determinism and Predeterminism

Professor Alin Gilbert Sumedrea
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Abstract: Tensional psychological construct is connected to the major desideratum of the human species, namely perpetuation and progress. The psychological dynamics of each and every person is governed by two realities, i.e. optimism and acceptance. This paper proves the existence of a rigid determinism which dictates the tensional psychological dynamics, cancelling free will. The tensional psychological dynamics is also connected every moment to the major desideratum mentioned above. The conscious instance, through its functionality, provides the optimism whereas the unconscious one provides the acceptance. The unconscious instance functions as a receptor, receiving the information from the personalized sense of the person. At the same time and because of this sense, the unconscious instance functions already as a selector of tensional strategies. To describe and prove these aspects, our approach uses the theory of homology.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Alin Gilbert SUMEDREA, Ph.D in Psychology (1998), Ph.D in Statistics (1993), is Professor at the Faculty of Social-Human Sciences, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, ROMANIA. He is also Head of the Psychological Research Centre, Sibiu, ROMANIA.
The scientific activity is represented by 60 published scientific papers and 9 books. Research activity: 17 finalized research projects. He was director for 5 research projects.
Current research interests include: Applications of differential geometry in psychology; Mathematical modelling of psychological processes.

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