Plenary Lecture

Numerical Solution to Maxwell's Equations by a Subdomain Method

Professor Franck Assous
Dept of Maths & Comput. Sc.
Ariel University Center
Bar-Ilan University

Abstract: We propose a new numerical method to solve the Maxwell equations in singular domains, as for example non convex polygonal domains. We focus on the computation of the static magnetic field, and show that the key point to solve this problem is related to the solution of a Laplace-like operator in a singular domain. We then introduce a new subdomain approach, that consists in decomposing the domain into 2 subdomains, and to derive an ad hoc variational formulation, in which the interface conditions are imposed with a method deduced from a Nitsche approach. Numerical examples to illustrate our method will be shown.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Pr. Franck Assous received a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Paris (France). He then received the French "Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches" degree from the University of Toulouse (France). He worked more than 14 years at the Atomic French Agency (CEA) as a senior researcher. In parallel, he was teaching at the ENSTA School of Engineers (Paris) as an Assitant Professor, then at the Versailles University as an Associate Professor. He is currently working in Israel, where he is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Ariel University Center (Israel), and at the Bar-Ilan University (Israel). His research project include numerical methods for Partial Differential Equations, with a particular interest for problems arising from models in the field of computational electromagnetism, plasma physics, elasticity. He is also interested in inverse problem in wave propagation problems.

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