Plenary Lecture

Semantic Networks for Natural Language Processing Applications

Assistant Professor Velislava Stoykova
Bulgarian Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Bulgarian language
Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: vstoykova@yahoo.com

Abstract: Semantic Networks (SN) are widely used for Knowledge Representation tasks in Artificial Intelligence frameworks. However, recently they became to be used for resolving various problems in Natural Language Processing (NLP) frameworks. SN are successfully used also for representing grammar knowledge at the level of syntax, morphology and phonology. At the same time, they are widely used for representing lexical knowledge for different linguistic tasks including for terminology. In our talk, we are going to present and analyze some basic and most important types of computational implementations of SN in above directions and we will discuss them with respect to their multilingual applications.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:Assist. Prof. Dr. Velislava Stoykova has received her MA degree from Sofia University. In 2004 she has received a PhD in computational linguistics. Her major areas of interest are: language modelling, natural language processing, computational lexicography, e-learning. From 1990 till 1995 she worked at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Parallel Processing as a programmer. At 1995 she joined the research team of the Institute for Bulgarian Language of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as a researcher. From 2011 she works at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Bulgarian language as an assistant professor. Assist. Prof. Dr. Stoykova has one book, more than 30 published papers in international conference proceedings and scientific journals, and is a co-author of three dictionaries. She is a member of the research team at the Institute for Bulgarian Language and had worked on many research projects (national and international) as a member of the research team and as a project leader. Assist. Prof. Dr. Stoykova is a member of Bulgarian Lexicographic Society and a member of Bulgarian Artificial Intelligence Association.

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