Plenary Lecture

Multi-Agent Systems in Game Based e-Learning

Professor Dana Simian
Faculty of Sciences
University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu
E-mail: dana.simian@ulbsibiu.ro

Abstract: Game Based Learning is a method that promises long-term results and opens new possibilities in e-learning approaches. The current technology offers a solid base for most programmers and educators to develop in this direction. Digital Game Based Learning becomes a challenge opposed to board, card or class games. The aim of this presentation is tointroduce a model of an adaptivemulti-agentsystem integrated into a game based e-learning system. The game environment is used to realize a dynamic allocation of educational puzzles. The game in which the multi agent system is integrated is an educational FPS where you progress by properly resolving informatics problems inserted into the game flow. The aim is to design an autonomous system which realizes dynamic puzzle and quests allocation, choosing the progress of the game based only on the player’s choices. The proposed system is based on the adaptive wasp colonies behaviour.The adaptive behavior of such a system is necessary in order to create a unique multiplayer mode where the game designers no longer need to worry for the educational content, they will only create the triggers in the world and the wasp agents will take care of the rest. Thedominance hierarchy in the wasp model ensures a balanced gameplay and learning.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:Dana Simian received the diploma. in engineering from the University of Sibiu, Romania, the diploma. in Mathematics from the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the Ph.D. from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She graduated many courses in Computer Science. She has a great experience in algorithms and numerical methods for modelling and optimization, and in machine learning. She published 16 books, more than 60 articles and participated in the editorial board of more than 22 scientific publications (proceedings of international conferences). She organized 8 special sessions within international conferences, 2 international workshops and many international conferences on topics related to algorithms and computational techniques in modeling, approximation and optimization. She is member of many international scientific committees. She is reviewer of many scientific publications.

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