Plenary Lecture

Application of Nano Fluids in Machining

Professor Krishna Mohana Rao Gurram
JNTUH College of Engineering
E-mail: kmrgurram@gmail.com

Abstract: This paper focuses on the application of eco friendly nano fluids in machining processes like turning. One of the most critical factors which determine the work piece quality is the heat generated at cutting zone during machining operations. Conventional cutting fluids are vastly employed to dissipate the heat generated during machining. In spite of their wide use, conventional cutting fluids do cast a check to the health of workers and ecological balance. Owing to this reason, researchers have initiated the search for ecologically safe and user friendly alternatives to conventional cutting fluids. In this context, experiments are being carried out by researches to assess the performance of vegetable oil based nano cutting fluids in machining. An attempt is made in this paper to present the affirmative performance of nano solid lubricant suspensions in vegetable oils in turning of AISI1040 steel in minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).
Nano cutting fluids are prepared using three vegetable oils, they being canola, coconut and soy bean oils, which act as base lubricants with suspensions of 100nm sized boric acid particles. Characterization of nano particles is done by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) to confirm their purity. Particle size analyzer is used to check the particle size of nano solid lubricant. To check the viability of nano lubricants in machining, variation of basic properties like thermal conductivity, specific heat and heat transfer coefficient are evaluated from empirical relations. The variation of cutting tool temperatures, average tool flank wear and surface roughness of the machined surface with cutting speed and feed are studied with the prepared nano cutting fluids. It has been observed results are encouraging, especially among the three oils used coconut oil based nano cutting fluid has exhibited better performance.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: G. Krishna Mohana Rao is a member of ASME, ISTE, IE(I). He was born at Machilipatnam, AP, India on 05.05.1970. He received his bachelors’ degree in mechanical engineering from Nagarjuna University, AP, India in the year 1992. Later, he was awarded masters degree in mechanical engineering by the Indian Institute if Science, Bangalore, India in the year 1994. He received his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering from JNT University, Hyderabad, AP, India in the year 2007. He has been working for JNT University, AP, India since 1994. He is on the review board for many international journals. He has published 40 technical papers in international journals and conferences. He co-authored a book on engineering mechanics published by Pearson education. He visited countries including USA, UK, Egypt, UAE, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland and Austria for presenting his papers in various international conferences. His areas of research include non-traditional machining, casting, welding. Presently, he is guiding 13 research students in the area of mechanical engineering.

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