Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Microwave circuits
RF, microwave and millimetre-wave amplifiers
Oscillators, switches, mixers
Monolithic, hybrid, multi-chip module
Passive components
Transmission-line and waveguide components
Filters, multiplexers, resonators, ferrite and garnet devices
Microwave sub-systems
Multiband antennas
Antenna measurement techniques and systems
Antenna analysis and design
Aperture antenna arrays
Adaptive antennas
Printed and wire antennas
Microstrip and integrated antennas
Radiowave propagation at all frequencies and environments
Active and integrated antennas
Antenna interactions and coupling
Antennas for remote sensing and radio astronomy
Array antennas including reflect arrays
Automotive antennas
Beamforming, data processing and multiple beam antennas
Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques
Electromagnetic exposure and interactions
Medical applications
Millimetre / Sub-millimetre wave and THz technologies
MIMO, multi-antenna systems, smart and signal processing antennas
Mobile communication
Multiband, wideband, UWB antennas
New materials, meta-materials, EBG structures
Planar and conformal antennas
Printed elements, baluns and associated circuits
RCS reduction, prediction, imaging and related theory
Reconfigurable antennas
Reflector and lens antennas
Small antennas, RFID tags and sensors
Space application antennas (communication & navigation)
On-body antennas
Terahertz antennas
Other antenna topics
Mobile propagation channel measurements and modelling
Polarisation in propagation and remote sensing
Propagation and scattering in vegetation
Propagation aspects in wireless sensor networks
Propagation for fixed satellite services
Propagation for maritime and aeronautical applications
Propagation for mobile satellite services and navigation
Propagation models for automatic network planning
Propagation models for millimetre and sub-milimetre waves
Radio climatology
Rough surface and random media scattering
Short-wave propagation
Stochastic and deterministic channel modelling
Trans-ionospheric propagation
UWB channel modelling
Vehicle-to-X channel modelling
Free-Space Optical Propagation
Other propagation topics
Measurements of antennas and radar scattering
Advances in indoor and outdoor test ranges
Measurement standards and laboratory comparisons
Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS ranges
Data acquisition, algorithms and processing methods
Measurement imaging, algorithms and processing techniques
Diagnostics methods for antenna acceptance testing
Phased-array antenna testing
Adaptive antenna/smart antenna measurements
EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurements and instrumentation
Cellular and automotive application measurements
RF material design, measurements and instrumentation
Satellite antenna measurements
Ultra-wideband or frequency independent antennas measurements
MM-wave/quasi-optical antenna measurements
Other measurement topics

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