Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Biochemical, cellular, molecular and tissue engineering
Bioelectrical and neural engineering
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Biological data integration and visualization
Biological data mining and knowledge discovery
Biological databases and information retrieval
Biomaterials & biomedical optics
Biomedical devices, sensors, and artificial organs
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical imaging, image processing & visualization
Biomedical robotics and mechanics
Biometric and bio-measurement
Bio-ontologies + semantics
Bio-signal processing and analysis
Biostatistics and Stochastic Models
Cancer informatics
Combinatorics and bioinformatics
Comparative genomics
Computational drug discovery
Computational evolutionary biology
Computational MolecularSystems & Problems
Computational proteomics Computational Systems Biology
Computer-based medical systems
Data acquisition, normalization, analysis and visualization
DNA and RNA structure, function and sequence analysis
Epidemic models
Evolution and phylogenetics
Evolution of regulatory genomic sequences
Experimental medicine and analysis tools
Gene expression analysis; Gene expression databases
Gene pattern discovery and identification
Gene regulation, expression, identification and network
Genetic network modeling and inference
Genomics and Proteomics
Graph theory and computational biology
Health monitoring systems and wearable system
High-performance computing and applications in biology
Image processing in medicine and biological sciences
Immuno- and Chemo-informatics
Macromolecularstructure prediction
Medical informatics
Metabolic modeling and pathways
Model Design and Evaluation
Molecular dynamics and simulation; Molecular interactions
Molecular sequence classification, structure databases, alignment and assembly
Pattern classification and recognition
Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification
Personalized medicine
Pharmaceutical Applications
Protein interactions, docking and function
Protein modeling
Protein structure, function and sequence analysis
Proteomics; Protein folding and fold recognition
Rehabilitation engineering & clinical engineering
RNA and DNA structure and sequencing
Sequence analysis and alignment
Stochastic modeling
Structural and functional genomics
Structural Bioinformatics
Structural Variations
Structural, functional and comparative genomics
Structure Prediction
Systems Biology
Beverage and Fermentation Technology
Biocatalysis, organocatalysis and nanobiotechnology
Biomedical Computational drug discovery
Bio-MEMS and microbioreactors
Biomimetic and self-assembled materials
Biosensors and molecular diagnostics
Breeding and genetics
Cell and tissue engineering
Cellular and molecular biology
Composition of foods
Control and system engineering for food industry
Crop breeding, genetics & genomics
Diet-related diseases
Domestic animal breeding, genomics & biotechnology
Drug screning and pharmaceutical synthesis
Electronics and instrumentation in food industry
Environmental Biotechnology
Enzyme Engineering
Biomedical Circuits
Biomedical Devices
Biomedical Electronics
Biomedical Signal Processing
Biomedical Imaging
Neural Engineering
Wavelets in Biomedicine
Biomedical Applied Electromagnetics
Nanotechnology in Biomedicine
Implants Research
Medical Devices
Medical Computing
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Genomics and Proteomics Engineering in Medicine and Biology
Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Non-Invasive Applications
Identification of Nonlinear Physiological Systems
Medical and Nursing Informatics
Design and development methodologies for Healthcare IT
Semantic Interoperability
Confidentiality and Data Security
Knowledge management
Databases and Datawarehousing
Support for clinical decision-making
Expert Systems in Healthcare
Wearable Health Informatics
Mobile technologies for Healthcare applications
Evaluation and use of Healthcare IT
Physiological Modeling
Cognitive Informatics
Affective Computing
Therapeutic Systems and Technologies
e-Commerce in Health Sector
Healthcare Management Systems
Human-Machine Interfaces for Disabled Persons
Development of Assistive Technology systems for Independent Living
Cognitive rehabilitation
ICT, Ageing and Disability
Practice based Research Methods for Healthcare IT
Medical Informatics
Biosignal processing
Decision support
Devices and sensors
Disease management
Electronic health record
Expert systems
Guidelines and protocols
Health information systems
Home-based eHealth
Human-computer interaction
Imaging and visualization
Impact and usability
Learning and education
Knowledge management
Knowledge-based systems
Modelling and simulation
National eHealth roadmaps
Nursing informatics
Patient safety
Personal health records
Pervasive healthcare
Privacy and security
Public health and consumer informatics
Quality assurance
Semantic web
Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering
Clinical Engineering
Medical Imaging
Orthopaedic Bioengineering
Rehabilitation engineering
Systems Physiology
Neural Engineering
Biomedical Informatics
Health Management
Hospital Engineering and Technology
Biomedical Physics

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