Plenary Lecture

Computational Trust Management and Its Applications

Professor Denis Trcek
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana
E-mail: denis.trcek@fri.uni-lj.si

Abstract: Trust management is now being researched in the computing society for almost fifteen years and important advances have been made. This presentation will therefore give an overview of some most important computational trust management methodologies by focusing on Qualitative Assessment Dynamics, QAD. Based on this, applications of computational trust management methodologies to computational economics will be given.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Dr. Denis Trcek is with Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Ljubljana, where he heads Laboratory of e-media. He has been involved in the field of IT security, privacy and trust for almost twenty years. He has taken part in various EU and national projects in government, banking and insurance sectors (projects under his supervision totaled to approx. one million EURs). His bibliography includes over one hundred titles, including monograph published by renowned publisher Springer. D. Trcek has served (or still serves) as a member of various international bodies and boards like MB of the European Network and Information Security Agency, and others.

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