Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Mineralogy and Petrology
Historical Geology
Physical Geography
Climatology, Geophysics
Economic Geology
Geochemical Environmental Pollution
Laboratory of Remote Sensing
Structural geology and tectonics.
Features and processes of deformation in rocks
Folds, fractures and fabrics
Structural associations in orogenic belts
Strike-slip zones and extensional regimes
Strain analysis,
Experimental rock deformation
Rock mechanics applied to geology
Theoretical and experimental modelling.
Specific Areas' Geodynamics and Geology
Educational Topics on Geology

Dynamic Tectonics and Applied Geology
Tectonics and Geological Mapping
Earthquake engineering
Investigation of specific earthquakes,
Theoretical and observational studies of seismic waves
Inverse methods for determining the structure of the Earth or the dynamics of the earthquake source, seismometry,
Earthquake hazard and risk estimation,
Specific Areas' Seismology
Rock mechanics applied to Seismology
Theoretical and experimental modelling.
Educational Topics on Seismology