Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Solid mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Gas Mechanics
Theory of elasticity
Strength of materials
Open Channels
Shallow Water theory
Linear and Non-Linear Waves
Erosion and Sedimentation
Heat and mass transfer
Thin film technologies
Fluid - Structure Interaction
Multiphase flow, Boundary layer flow
Material properties
Hydrotechnology, Hydrodynamics
Waves and Wave modelling
Industrial applications, Environmental Problems
Air Pollution Problems
Biofluids, Phase change
Metal casting
Welding, forging and other processes
Heat Engineering and Thermoscience
Micro and Nano Scale Heat Transfer
Turbulent heat transfer
Heat storage, Cooling
Environmental protection
Geophysics and Geomaterials
Continuum Mechanics for Biomedical Applications
Energy applications
Transportation Theory
Waves on the Highway
Mathematical Models in Continuum Mechanics
Experimental Techniques in Continuum Mechanics
Simulation in Continuum Mechanics
Inverse Problems
Education on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics