Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Systems Theory
Dynamical Systems
Control Systems
Control Engineering
Soft Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
Knowledge Modelling
Decision Support Systems
Hierarchical Control Systems
Aerospace Systems
Lightwave Engineering
Stochastic Systems
Non-linear Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Information Systems
Signal Processing Systems
Multidimensional Systems
Multivariable systems
Hybrid Systems
Multirate Systems
Speech and Image Processing Systems
Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Manufacturing Systems
Decentralised Systems
Remote Sensing
Microelectromechanical Systems
Human-Machine Systems
Environmental Modeling
Sonar and underwater acoustic systems
Undersea Systems
Navigation and Tracking Systems
Space Systems
Systems Techniques for Wireless Applications
Filter design
Verification and Validation
Systems for Statistical Signal and Array Processing
Algorithms and Applications
Finite Elements
Finite Differences
BEM (Boundary Elements Methods)