Plenary Lecture

Dual rotor single inverter and single stator PMSM for HEVs

Associate Professor Sorin Ioan Deaconu
Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics
Polytechnic University of Timisoara
E-mail: sorin.deaconu@fih.upt.ro

Abstract: Electric propulsion systems on HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles) are part of ICE vehicle electrification, to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 pollution and (or) increase human safety and comfort. The axial flux permanent magnet (AFPM) machine, also called the disc-type machine, is an attractive alternative due to its pancake shape, compact constructions and high power density. AFPM motors are particularly suitable for electrical vehicles, pumps, fans, valve control, centrifuges, machine tools, robots and industrial.
The present paper reviews in terms of topology and performance, what was done so far on electric propulsion systems for HEVs.
The actual e - continuously variable transmission (e-CVT) solution for the parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) requires two electric machines, two inverters, and a planetary gear. A distinct electric generator and a propulsion electric motor, both with full power converters, are typical for a series HEV.
In an effort to simplify the planetary-geared e-CVT for the parallel HEV or the series HEV we hereby propose to replace the basically two electric machines and their two power converters by a single, axial-air-gap, electric machine central stator, fed from a single PWM converter with dual frequency voltage output and two independent PM rotors.
The proposed topologies, main key design equations, the magneto-motive force analysis, optimal design and quasi 3D-FEM validation, vector control strategy and PWM independent control for two shaft are the core of the presentation.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Sorin Ioan Deaconu, IEEE member from 2007, was born in Orastie, Romania, in 1965. He received the B. S. degree in electrical engineering in 1989 and Ph.D. degree in electrical machines in 1998 from Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania.
He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics, Engineering Faculty of Hunedoara, Polytechnic University of Timisoara. His research interests focus on improvement of performances for classical and special electrical machines, generation of electrical energy with variable speed in micro hydro and wind power plant, improvement of performances for electrical variable speed drives, modern electrical traction systems in railway, electric and hybrid vehicles.
Since 1994, he has collaborated with Bee Speed Automation Ltd, Timisoara, where he is involved in several industry projects regarding industrial automation, machines and drives.
He has until now published over 180 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings, and invited book chapters and participate to 12 research projects.