Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Power System Planning and Management
Generation, transmission & distribution planning
Reliability and security
Dynamic transient stability and voltage stability
Electromagnetic transient evaluations
Insulation co-ordination
Transmission & distribution equipment
Generator Protection and Control
Parallel Operation of Generators
Portable Power Systems
Corporate planning and management
Alternative energy systems
Environmental issues
Energy Management Systems
Deregulation and Electric Power Market
Impacts of deregulation
Electricity pricing and transactions
Open access
IPP and Co-generation
Power market
Optimization Techniques
Electricity Demand Management
Load Management
FACTS and Custom Power Devices for Power Quality,
Power Switching,
Uninterrupted Power Supplies,
Power Factor Compensation and Conditioning,
Capacitor Switching Techniques

Electric machines, Electric Vehicles, Batteries
Applied Electromagnetics for Electric Machines
Stability Problems
Electronics for Electric Machinery
Generalized Electric Machines
Mathematical Problems, Simulation
Computational Analysis of related problems
Electric Vehicles
Energy storage
Batteries and Battery Chargers
Control strategies
Electric vehicles performance and efficiency
Impacts of battery rechargement on distribution systems
Fuel cell vehicles
Hybrid vehicles
Environmental issues and impacts

High Voltage Engineering
High-Voltage, Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage Switchgear
High Voltage Cables
Power Line Communications
Protection Systems, Grounding Systems
Control Relays, Distance Protection in High Voltage Transmission
High Voltage Measurement
Problems of Applied Electromagnetics in HV Engineering
Finite Elements and Modern Computational Techniques
Power System Operation and Control
Load and energy forecast
Economic operation
Demand side management
Reliability management
Reactive power control
Distribution automation
SCADA/EMS and information systems
Power quality
Harmonics, Network Harmonics, Power Quality Measurement
Inter-Harmonics, Power Flow Studies
Plant and equipment operation,
maintenance and condition monitoring
Phase and Voltage Imbalances, Voltage Sag Analysis
Voltage Disturbance Computations,
Power Quality in Distribution, Power Quality Economics
Modern technology and computation techniques and applications
Power electronics and drive
Communication and Information Technology
Artificial intelligence and Neural Networks
Evolutionary computation
Expert Systems
Online Monitoring and Diagnosis,
Case Studies in Power Quality Management,
Power Quality Standards

Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
Power Generation
Power Plants
Distributed Generation, Co-generation
Energy Conversion and Conservation
Solar Power
Photovoltaic Energy, Solar Panels
Wind Energy, Ocean Energy
Tidal Power
Thermal Power
Hydrogen Energy, Fuel Cells
Hybrid Systems and Vehicles

Transmission and Distribution
Transmission Planning
Transmission Protection
High-Voltage Transmission
HVDC Transmission
Power Electronics Applications
Motors and Drives
Substation Distribution Automation
Circuit Breakers
SF6 Technology in Arc Quenching, CB Tripping Releases and Mechanisms
Power Engineering Education