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Volume 17, 2018

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Volume 17, 2018

Model based Adaptive Controller for Quadrotor UAV with Different Payload

AUTHORS: Tain-Sou Tsay

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ABSTRACT: In this paper, an adaptive piecewise linear control scheme for Quadrotor Unman Autonomous Vehicle(UAV) with specifications on rise times is proposed. It is a gain stabilized control technique. Large gain is used for large tracking error to get fast response. Small gain is used between large and small tracking error for good performance. Large gain is used again for small tracking error to cope with disturbance. The switching point of the three segments piecewise linear controller is found by an automatic regulating time series which is function of output characteristics of the plant and reference model. Time series will be converged to steady values after the time response of the considered system matching that of the reference model. The proposed control scheme is illustrated by a second order altitude control example. It gives an almost command independent response. Time responses show that the proposed method gives significant improvements for response time and performance. The same designing procedures are applied to Quadrotor UAV for different pay load.

KEYWORDS: Piecewise linear controller, Adaptive gain, Model based Controller, Quadrotor, UAV


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