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Volume 13, 2018

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Mutual Inductance and Magnetic Force Calculations Between Thick Bitter Circular Coil of Rectangular Cross Section with Inverse Radial Current and Thin Wall Superconducting Solenoid with Constant Azimuthal Current

AUTHORS: S. Babic, C. Akyel

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ABSTRACT: In this paper we calculate the mutual inductance and the magnetic force between the thick Bitter coil of rectangular cross section with the inverse radial current and the thin wall superconducting solenoid with the constant azimuthal current. The semi-analytical and the analytical expressions of these magnetic quantities are obtained over complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind as well as Heuman's Lambda function. There is a simple integral which has to be solved numerically by some of numerical integrations. The results of this method are compared by those obtained by the modified filament method for the presented configuration. All results are in an excellent agreement.

KEYWORDS: Pmagnetic field, mutual inductance, magnetic force, Bitter coils, inverse radial current, azimuthal current.


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