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Chung-Hsien Tsai
Shy-Jen Guo

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Volume 17, 2018

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Volume 17, 2018

The Bounded Solutions of a Fourth Order Model Equation

AUTHORS: Chung-Hsien Tsai, Shy-Jen Guo

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ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to construct bounded olutions of a model equation, which governs two dimensional steady capillary gravity waves of an ideal fluid flow with Bond number near 1/3 and Froude number close to one.

KEYWORDS: Lyapunov’s Center Theorem, Schauder fixed point theorem , Bounded Solution.


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WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-2769 / 2224-2880, Volume 17, 2018, Art. #14, pp. 93-100

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