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Volume 13, 2017

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Volume 13, 2017

Effect of Pigment Concentration on Mechanical Properties and on Color Stability of Polycarbonate

AUTHORS: Vaclav Janostik, Vojtech Senkerik, Kristina Jelinkova, Michal Stanek

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ABSTRACT: This experimental study deals with the influence of pigments on the mechanical properties of polymeric polycarbonate material Lexan 923c, which is commonly used in industry and is being processed with injection technology. This material was stained with three different pigments from Lifokolor. It was also stained with 6 different concentrations of selected pigments. Emphasis was placed on measuring the tensile strength, impact strength and hardness of polymer mixtures. It also deals with the influence of pigment concentration on colorimetric properties and the concentration of pigment value at which the material needs to be colored. Colorimetric properties and reflective spectra of different concentrations were also measured.

KEYWORDS: Injection molding, mechanical properties, colorimetric properties, polycarbonate, pigment concentration, CIE diagram


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