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Tomas Sysala
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Petr Neumann

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Tomas Sysala
David Fogl
Petr Neumann

WSEAS Transactions on Electronics

Print ISSN: 1109-9445
E-ISSN: 2415-1513

Volume 8, 2017

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The Raspberry Pi Platform Applied in Family House Control

AUTHORS: Tomas Sysala, David Fogl, Petr Neumann

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ABSTRACT: The Raspberry Pi and its support development tools are very attractive for educational experiments. This article presents an application example for smart household control system. That system is composed both from a set of simple wireless modules and sensors monitoring and controlling smart household technology and from a central unit processing collected data. According to results, pre-set actions are performed. The required actions variety and rules for a smart reaction on various situation can be created and configured by user via dedicated interface. That system can manage indoor and outdoor temperature measurement, the lighting control, RF transmitter, jalousie, motion sensor control etc. GIU for a PC and for a mobile phone extend versatility of that system even for a remote control.

KEYWORDS: Raspberry Pi, House Control, Smart Wiring, Internet of Things


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WSEAS Transactions on Electronics, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-9445 / 2415-1513, Volume 8, 2017, Art. #11, pp. 79-90

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