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Volume 8, 2017

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Intelligent Control for Voltage Regulation System via DC-DC Converter Using Raspberry Pi 2 Board

AUTHORS: Mohamed Boutouba, Abdelghnai El Ougli, Sabah Miqoi, Belkassem Tidhaf

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ABSTRACT: In this paper, a real time simulation of a controlled voltage system for solar energy source (PV) is proposed, using Matlab Simulink as environment to develop control command algorithms as conventional PID, PI-Fuzzy logic controllers. Algorithms strategies are implemented on a low cost control board: The Raspberry Pi 2 Board in order to manage the operation of system and collecting simulation data, by controlling a DC-DC converter, a Boost converter in this paper, as an intermediary between the source and the load. For verification purposes, several simulations were treated in order to verify the good behavior of the proposed system.

KEYWORDS: Photovoltaic systems, DC¬ DC power converters, Voltage control, PID controller, PI Fuzzy logic controller, Raspberry Pi2 Board


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