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Volume 12, 2017

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Volume 12, 2017

Movement Planning of Mobile Vehicles Group in the Two-Dimensional Environment with Obstacles

AUTHORS: V. Kh. Pshikhopov, М. Yu. Medvedev, V. S. Lazarev

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ABSTRACT: The problem of distributed control of heterogeneous group of vehicles in the environment with obstacles is considered. The control algorithms are based on vehicles kinematics in a two dimensional environment. The proposed algorithms are based on the principle of consideration all neighboring objects as repeller. The proposed method of decentralized group control is based on the simple local control algorithms. A new approach for forming repellers is discussed. This approach is based on the formation of unstable states in the phase space of vehicles. Results of the proposed algorithms are velocities and course angles of the controlled vehicles. Analysis of the received movement trajectories on stability is carried out by Lyapunov functions. Existence and asymptotic stability of the vehicles group steady state is shown. The planning algorithms modification which isn't demanding a preliminary reference is offered. The developed algorithms are realized within the decentralized structure of a control system. Simulation of the group consisting of five vehicles in the environment with motionless obstacles is carried out. On the basis of the carried-out analysis and simulation conclusions results about applicability of the offered method in practice are drawn. The development of the offered movement trajectories planning method assuming use as the kinematics and dynamics is discussed. This method allows considering convergence velocities with obstacles. Also potential of use the offered method in three-dimensional environments and environments with mobile obstacles is discussed.

KEYWORDS: group control, vehicle, decentralized control, repeller, unstable state, Lyapunov function


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