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Volume 16, 2017

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Complete Microcontroller Based Vehicle Accident Detection System with Case Study for Saudi Arabia

AUTHORS: Noor A. Jebril, Qasem Abu Al-Haija, Nouf AlBarrak, Ghadah AlMutlaq, Amal AlKhaiwani

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ABSTRACT: The road accidents problem in Saudi Arabia has become a serious and enormous problem as it was found that Saudi Arabia is recording more than 500 thousand of accidents annually with up to 17 deaths daily. Such large numbers are caused mainly due to the lack or latency of succoring responses to the injured person, which motivated us to research thoroughly to propose a solution that can mitigate the effect of road accidents. In this paper, we propose sensors based on microcontroller solution that utilizes the use of many sensors and modules along with Arduino microcontroller such as the vibration sensor to detect the accident quickly. For better and more accurate results, we have added the Airbag sensor. At the end of this work and the proposed prototype design is manufactured as with enhanced component, it can easily be adapted and it will help the society to have better results (if Allah want) such as: avoiding many of deaths that could happen because of lateness, decreasing the crowding areas which lead to decrease the accidents too, helping the injured people from getting worst as soon as possible, helping the medical staff by providing them more time to help the injured, and saving the time of the Ambulance staff and Najm employees, by adding the buttons to cancel the request in case if they are not needed

KEYWORDS: Arduino Microcontroller, Vibration Sensor, Airbag Sensor, GPS module, GSM Module, Najm insurance.


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