Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Water Resources Management
Range of effort levels
Defining adaptive management
Components, Benefits and Costs
Design, Implementation and Monitoring
Measurement tools
Riparian corridor restoration
Wetland creation and restoration
Watershed planning, management and restoration
Operation of dams and other infrastructure to meet competing use needs including aquatic habitat
Agriculture conservation practices and programs
Quantifying water resource parameters
Adverse, beneficial and cumulative impact assessment
Performance-based alternatives
Mitigation of water resources
Predicting future environmental conditions
Public involvement, Socioeconomic considerations
Data requirements
Existing data available
Models (hydrologic, hydraulic, water quality)
Estimation tools and techniques
Geographic Information Systems (GISs)
Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)
Wetland and stream functional assessment
River flow variation impact analysis
Endangered species habitat assessment
Water and sediment budgeting
Non-point source pollution quantification
Integrating basin hydrologic components
Integrating land and water use management
Mitigation banking-wetland, stream, storm water management ponds
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
Watershed-based NPDES permitting
Water quality credit trading
Endangered species habitat conservation
Policy and Legal Considerations
Agency frameworks and guidelines
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Clean Water Act and adaptive management
Alternatives analysis using adaptive management Water pollution control and water systems
Computational hydraulics
Simulation and modern computer methods for Hydraulics
Water quality and receiving waters
from precipitation processes,
Runoff, pollutant build-up, wash off
surcharging pipe networks
water distribution systems
Hydrologic and Coastal Processes
Hydrological Pathway from Terrestrial to Coastal Ecosystems
Large River Engineering and Management
Fluvial Processes and Sedimentation
Flood Control and Disaster Assessment
Surface and Ground Water Interaction in Coastal Regions
Fresh Water Resources and Saltwater Intrusion
Eutrophication and Hypoxia in Coastal Waters
Coastal Erosion
Coastal Wetlands and Floodplains
Coastal Wetland Restoration
GIS Applications in Coastal Hydrology Studies
Extreme Weathers
Socioeconomic Impacts of Extreme Weathers
Potential Global Change Effects on Coastal Water Resources
Coastal Water Quality and TMDLs
Educational Topics on Hydrology, Hydraulics, Water Resources

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