Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 25-27, 2013

Scientific Sponsors

University of Dubrovnik

Ain Shams University

University of Zagreb

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology


Call for Papers:

The organizing committee invites you to submit your papers and special session proposals to this conference. The benefits of attending are considerable for established academics and new scientists alike. Your paper will be reviewed by 2-4 experts of the field that may offer you valuable guidelines to improve your work. In case of acceptance, you will be given the opportunity to present your research and share it with scientists from all over the world. You will stay up to date with the latest advances in the field and you will have the chance to discuss possible future collaborations. The conference proceedings will appear in all the important scientific Indexes. After the conference, all presented papers will be evaluated according to the recommendation of the chairmen and the scientific committee will announce the Best Papers in the post conference report. Furthermore, following your registration you will be given instructions on how to submit an extended version of your paper. The scientific committee will select a number of these extended versions for publication in a NAUN journal, completely free of charge.

Apart from the academic benefits, one should also consider the rich social and cultural program that is always associated with WSEAS events. Attractive destinations and quality venues ensure an enjoyable stay to all participants. The multinational composition of the attendees often stimulates the initiation of fruitful conversations. The overall experience is always fulfilling.

Although this web site is designed to answer any questions you might have regarding the event, feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

Plenary Lecture 1:

Exploratory Study on the IT Governance Usage in Leading Croatian Companies
by Prof. Mario Spremić, University of Zagreb, CROATIA.

Plenary Lecture 2:

Software Quality & Testing Metrics
by Assis. Prof. Ljubomir Lazic, State University of Novi Pazar, SERBIA.

Plenary Lecture 3:

In Silico Analysis of the Slow Delayed Rectifier K+ Current (IKs) in the Heart
by Prof. Péter P. Nánási, University of Debrecen, HUNGARY.

Plenary Lecture 4:

An Integrated Method for Short-Term Prediction of Road Traffic Conditions for Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
By Assoc. Prof. Gaetano Fusco, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", ITALY.

Plenary Lecture 5:

Scientometrics and Evaluation of Humanities and Social Sciences
By Dr. Đilda Pečarić, The University of Zagreb, CROATIA.

Plenary Lecture 6:

Fundamental Principle of Information-to-Energy Conversion
By Prof. Antonio Alfonso-Faus, Madrid Technical University (UPM), SPAIN.


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