Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

1. Climate change factors

Variations within the Earth's climate
-Ocean variability
-The memory of climate

Non-climate factors driving climate change
-Effects of CO2 on climate change
-Plate tectonics
-Solar variation
-Orbital variations

Human influences on climate change
-Fossil fuels
-Cement manufacture
-Land use

2. Interplay of factors
Monitoring the current status of climate
Pollen analysis
Glacial geology
Simulation of climate change
Climate change and biodiversity
The anthropogenic greenhouse
Meteorology for Climate Change
Financial Aspects
Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
Solar variation
Pre-human climate variations
Climate models
Attributed and expected effects
Adaptation and mitigation
Social and political debates
Dynamics and stability of Ecosystems
Spatial relationships and subdivisions of land
Ecosystem productivity
Ecological crisis
Pollution and Human health
Climate Change and Human Health
Regulation and monitoring
Industrial Aspects
Natural Hazards
Accidents and disasters
Natural disasters
Wars and disasters
Aircraft disasters, rail accidents, shipwrecks
Forest fires
Tropical cyclones
Environmental disasters
Terrorist incidents

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