Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

A) Wind Energy
Wind Turbines engineering
Wind Turbines applications
Wind Turbines - Power curve measurements
Wind Turbines - Quality measurements and testing
Wind Turbines - Noise levels
Operational characteristics
Power Analysis
Static testing
Fatigue testing
Dynamic testing
Aerodynamic and mechanical loads
Anemometer calibration
Wind Energy Resource assessment
Wind-potential estimation
Analysis and design of horizontal axis of wind turbines
Hybrid wind Turbines
System stability
Wind Energy

B) Hydrogen energy
Hydrogen Technologies
Fuel Cells
Clean Cars
Appiled Electrochemistry

C) Biomass
Biomass Production
Biomass Analysis
Thermochemical Conversion
Equipment manufacturers, Energy planners
Physical/mechanical testsStandarisation of biofuels
Determination of calorific value
Proximate analysis
Elemental analysis
Conventional crops for non-food use: starch crops (maize, wheat, corn, barley), oil
crops (rape seed, sunflower) and sugar crops (sugar beet, sweet sorghum...) Dedicated
crops: short rotation forestry (willow, poplar) and herbaceous (grasses) Forestry
by-products: logging residues, thinnings, etc. Agricultural by-products:
Bulk density
Nitrogen content

D) Solar Energy - Photovoltaic Systems
Solar Power
Solar Panels
Photovoltaic Energy
Photovoltaic Systems
Electronics for Solar Energy Conversion
Solar radiation measurements
Batteries for Solar Energy Restoration
Photovoltaic frames
Solid State Physics

E) Geothermal Energy
Development and implementation
Identification and assessment of geothermal resources
Optimum design of geothermal energy systems
Identification and solution of technical problems

F) Hydroelectric Energy -- Small Hydro plants
Valuation of possible sites for new small hydro plants
Micro-hydro Power
Evaluation of small hydro plants in operation
(testing, efficiency measurement, optimization of operation)
Development and implementation of new small hydro plants
Identification and assessment of small hydro plants
Optimum design of hydro plants
Identification and solution of technical problems of hydro plants

G) Ocean Renewable Energy
Ocean energy resource estimates
Wave Energy Devices
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Tidal Energy devices
Salinity gradient Energy technology
Model testing
Prototype deployment
Device development and testing
Platform and device hydrodynamics
Mooring Systems
Energy Transmission and storage system
Environmental impact of Ocean Energy systems
Institutional Policy and legislation
Socio-economics considerations
Economic and Financial aspects
National Ocean Renewable Energy policy

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