Scientific Committee

Prof. Wasfy B Mikhael (IEEE Fellow) University of Central Florida Orlando,USA

Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos, (IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow),University of California, Los Angeles

Prof. Aggelos Katsaggelos (IEEE Fellow), Northwestern University, USA

Prof. Nikolaos Paragios, Ecole Centrale Paris, France

Prof. Nikolaos G. Bourbakis (IEEE Fellow) Wright State University, USA

Prof. Yuriy S. Shmaliy, (IEEE Fellow) The University of Guanajuato, Mexico

Prof. Georgios B. Giannakis (IEEE Fellow), University of Minnesota, USA

Prof. Kamisetty Rao (Fellow IEEE) Univ. of Texas at Arlington,USA

Prof. Pan Agathoklis, Univ. of Victoria, Canada

Prof. Tadeusz Kaczorek (IEEE Fellow), Warsaw University of Tehcnology, Poland

Prof. Lei Xu (IEEE Fellow) Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Prof. Sidney Burrus (IEEE Fellow) Rice University, USA

Prof. Biswa N. Datta (IEEE Fellow) Northern Illinois University, USA

Prof. Narsingh Deo (IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, University of Central Florida, USA

Prof. Hisashi Kobayashi, Princeton University, USA

Prof. Leonid Kazovsky, Stanford University, USA

Prof. Steven Collicott,Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Prof. Dimitri Kazakos, Texas Southern University, USA

Prof. Stephen Weinstein, Columbia University, USA

Prof. Dharma P. Agrawal, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Prof. Zoran Bojkovic, Univ. of Belgrade, SERVIA

Prof. Jose M. F. Moura, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Prof. Vijayakumar Bhagavatula (Fellow of OSA and SPIE), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Prof. Liang-Gee Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Prof. Ahmed H. Tewfik, University of Minnesota, USA

Prof. Jenq-Neng, Hwang University of WA, Seattle, USA

Prof. Amir Hussain, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK

Prof. Gergely V. Zaruba, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Prof. Mohammed Ghanbari, University of Essex, UK

Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Amar Mukherjee, University of Central Florida, USA

Prof. Athanassios Manikas, Imperial College, University of London, UK

Prof. Dengsheng Zhang, Monash University, Australia

Prof. Xingquan Zhu, University of Vermont, VT, USA

Prof. Satnam Dlay, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Prof. W. L. Woo, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Dr. Claudio Guarnaccia, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno, Italy

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