Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Thermal Sensors
Electromagnetic Sensors
Mechanical Sensors
Chemical Sensors
Optical Sensors
Light Sensors
Ionising radiation Sensors
Acoustic Sensors
Non Initialized systems
Initialized systems
Classification of measurement errors
Biological sensors
Geodetic sensors
Optical radiation
Infra-red sensors
Proximity sensor
Applications: Scanning laser, binoculars, interferometry,
scintillometers, fiber optic sensors, Geiger counter,
dosimeter, Scintillation counter, Neutron detection,
subatomic particle sensors: Particle detectors,
scintillator, Wire chamber, cloud chamber, bubble chamber
sound sensors : microphones, hydrophones, seismometers.
motion sensors: radar gun, speedometer, tachometer, odometer, occupancy sensor, turn coordinator
orientation sensors: gyroscope, artificial horizon, ring laser gyroscope
distance sensor (noncontacting) Several technologies can be applied to sense distance: magnetostriction
Quadrature wheels, whisker sensors
Topics for Noise
Biological sensors
Data acquisition systems
Data loggers
Detection theory
Fully Automatic Time
Hydrogen microsensor
Sensor networks
Sensor Web
Sensor Array and Multi-channel Processing
Wireless hydrogen sensor
Sensor circuits
Sensor Networks Design
Cross-layer design, Data aggregation
Distributed algorithms and complexity analysis
Localization, Medium access control protocols
Mesh and opportunistic networks
Sensor Tracking
Protocols, Redundancy, RFID
Routing & transport protocol
Self-configuration and maintenance algorithm
Self-healing ad-hoc networks, Sensor-Actor networks
SoC and SiP with integrated sensors
Time synchronization, Target tracking
Trends in technology and standards
Ubiquitous and ambient networks
Bandwidth management
Data storage and retrieval
Energy efficiency, Fault tolerance and reliability
Middleware design, Simulation and theoretical analysis
Tracing and trace analysis
Information processing
Integrity control, Location and mobility
Mechanisms for authentication
Mobility, QoS, Reconfigurability
Security and encryption
Sensor security, Traffic scheduling
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
Encryption algorithm
Embedded chip design
Software tools for chip programming, Data aggregation,
Modeling and validation of sensor network architectures
Monitoring tools, Performance comparison on capacity, coverage and connectivity
Performance measurement, Power management
Scalability, System debugging and testing, System implementation
Trade-off analysis
Base station secure management
Adaptive Waveform Design for Agile Sensing

Signal Processing:
Digital Signal Processing
Image Processing
DSP Implementation and Embedded Systems
Audio/Speech Processing and Coding
Image/Video Processing and Coding
Watermarking and Information Hiding
Multimedia Communications
Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis
Analog and Mixed Signal Processing
Parallel and Distributed Processing
Colored Image Processing
Internet Oriented Signal Processing
Signal Processing for Communications
Modulation and Channel Coding
Mobile and Wireless Communications
Optical Communications
Communication and Broadband Networks
Visual Media Quality Assessment
Multidimensional Systems
Neural Netwroks for SP
Fuzzy Logic for SP
Evolutionary Algorithms and other CI Techniques for SP
Signal Processing for Control Systems
Signal Processing for Power Systems
Computational Geometry
Data Bases for SP Applications
Language Processing
Speech Processing
Computer Music
Signal Detection and Applied Mechanics
Geographic Information Systems and SP
Electronics for Signal Processing
Artificial Vision
Artificial Man
DSP Techniques for RF/Analog Circuit Impairments
Signal Processing for GNSS and Robust Navigation
Managing Complexity in Multiuser MIMO Systems
Array SIgnal Processing
Computer Communication and Networks
Cryptography and Network Security
Soft Computing and Machine learning for Signal Processing and Communications
Network-Aware Multimedia Processing
Performance Limits of Ultra-Wideband Systems
Convex Optimization Methods for Signal Processing
Signal Processing and Networking for Dynamic Spectrum Access
MIMO-Optimized Transmission Systems for Delivering Data and Rich Content
Genomic and Proteomic Signal Processing
Distributed Processing in Vision Networks
Signal Processing for Astronomical and Space Research Applications
fMRI Analysis for Human Brain Mapping
Digital Image Processing Techniques for Biomedicine
Communications: Microwaves, Radar, Antennas, Scaterring and SP

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