Plenary Lecture

Differential Fluid Mechanics: The Instrument for Calculating of the Environment Dynamics and Structure

Professor Yuli D. Chashechkin
Head of the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics
A.Yu. Ishlinskiy Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the RAS

Abstract: Modern technique visualized a fine structure of fluid and gases in a wide range of spatial scales ranging from astronomical units to millimeters in the laboratory. New agreed analytical and numerical approach is developed for simultaneous calculations of processes dynamics and a structure. Calculations are based on the fundamental set of governing equations presenting in differential form the basic laws of conservations of mass, momentum, complete energy and constituents supplemented by the equation of state. Condition of the compatibility defines the rank of the total set, the order of its linearized version and the degree of the characteristic equation. All solution of the set for particular boundary conditions are searched by singular asymptotic methods or numerically. Several particular problems are analyzed in fine details. Calculations of diffusion induced flows on different topography are compared with laboratory modelling of the flow in stratified tank and observations in the atmosphere. Fine structure of periodic and lee internal waves is calculated and compared with laboratory data in a wide range of parameters including strong interaction between fine components causing trauma of initially smooth stratification. Transport of different solid and liquid substances in a stationary vortex flows is measured and compared with current theory. Extrapolation results on the environment is discussed.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Yuli D. Chashechkin was born in 1960. He is a graduate from the Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia on 1964. After post graduate courses there he worked and research scientist and head of the laboratory at the All-Union Research Institute of Physical and Radio-technical Measurements of the USSR GOSSTANDRD. Since 1981 he is working as Head of the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at the A.Yu. Ishlinskiy Institute for in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is guiding the Scientific-Educational Center RAS and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. His research interest in geophysical fluid mechanics includes optic and acoustic visualisation, theory of environment flows.

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