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How to Contribute to Sustainable Development Education in a Engineering High School: Concrete Example of a Transdisciplinary Project and Hand Made Didactical Tool

Professor Philippe Dondon
Domaine Universitaire

Abstract: Since Rio de Janeiro conference (1992), Kyoto protocol and agenda 21 definitions, the necessity of a harmonious development is now admitted by a majority of scientific and political personalities. Even if sustainable development is a complex concept, which concerns a wide range of social, scientific, economical and environmental issues, each of us is able to do something for humanity evolution, in particular in the education field. Thus, our project started through an individual questioning of a few teachers, two years ago: What can we include in our research field and/or pedagogical thematic to have a concrete action in sustainable development, while respecting the mains scientific fields of our engineering school? The "small scale green house" project was born. We explain the main steps of the model design; It consists of a scaled hand made "green" house built with genuine materials and scaled power plants accessories like hydrogen fuel stack, solar tracking system, solar tower... Then, we give some concrete and various didactical applications such as thermal losses investigations, carbon assessment, solar tracking system electronic design to show the transdisciplinary aspects of this work. Finally, some future evolutions are suggested.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Ph. Dondon was born in 1960. He is a graduate from the High School of Electronic Engineers ENSEIRB Bordeaux, France. After his electronic engineer diploma in 1983, he worked 5 years as product manager and computer aided manufacturing (C.A.M) in the French radio-communication systems company T.R.T. Back to the IMS Microelectronic Laboratory of Bordeaux, he received his Ph D in microelectronic analogue design in 1992. He is now teaching electronic at ENSEIRB- MATMECA and has several interests in electronic circuits and electronic for sustainable development fields of research.

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