Plenary Lecture

Modeling of Knowledge Sharing in Group Work

Professor Sarma Cakula
Faculty of Engineering
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
E-mail: sarma.cakula@va.lv

Abstract: One of the most important prerequisites in base plan for long-term development of all countries is high education level in society what includes e-learning studies. With the progression of e-learning in society there is exponential growth of e-learning resources or knowledge items on the internet observed. Most of e-learning systems do not take into account individual aspects of person, ignoring the different needs that are specific to existing cognitive profiles. Teachers have been forced to search for possibilities to make e-learning more interesting and effective. Also different cooperation methods come more important in different phases of study process. Knowledge sharing problems originate from the inadequacy of the given information with the recipient's personality characteristics, which determine the type of information perception. Major role in knowledge sharing goes to group work, but the group work efficiency depends not only on the mutual compatibility of the personality types, but also on the suitability of the type to the given task. Combining certain personality types it is possible to both improve and reduce the group work efficiency, that's why the aim of the paper is to develop an imitation model of knowledge sharing, according to the division of group member personality characteristic. To achieve the aim requires to perform a study of the personality characteristics and small groups, their effect on knowledge gaining and group work efficiency, as well as to perform the potential group work efficiency imitation modeling. To improve the knowledge sharing process a recommendation base is created according to the division of type characteristics. The results of the paper can be used to improve the knowledge gaining process, when assembling groups and when forming of different work groups is needed.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Sarma Cakula graduated with excellence from Latvia University Department of Physics and Mathematics in 1984 and holds Ph.D. in 2002. She started to work in Vidzeme University College (Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences -now) as a teacher. She was a director of Information Technology (IT) professional bachelor program and she is the Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Latvia now. She is a professor of Information Technologies in the Faculty of Engineering. Also she manages some European and Norway fund projects. She is a member of the International E-Learning Association (IELA), the Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association (LIKTA) and Latvian Universities Professor Association (LAPA). She has more than 35 scientific publications from 2006 in field of information technologies and pedagogic, mostly of them in the field of E-Learning. Also she takes part in Scientific Committee of different international conferences and Editorial Advisory on international journals.

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