Plenary Lecture

On the Mechanics of Masonry Vaults: Theoretical and Technical Approaches

Professor Alessandro Baratta
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Naples "Federico II"
E-mail: alessandro.baratta@unina.it

Abstract: Basic properties of masonry do not allow to rely on tensile strength, and flexural models cannot be trusted on. It is is recognized that, apart from a few cases, the No-Tension assumption yields a effective model for structural assessment. The theory is briefly illustrated, and its application to vaults is explained in detail, leading to a Monge-Ampere equation ruling the static regime through a membrane stress surface.

Brief biography of the speaker: Prof. Alessandro Baratta graduated in Civil Engineering in 1969. Since 1980 he is Full Professor of "Science of Constructions" of the University of Naples "Federico II". Head of the Dept. of Scienza delle Costruzioni from 1997 to 2003. Member of the Administrative Board of the University of Naples from 2001 to 2003. Past vice-President of the European Association for Structural Control (EACS) and past member of the Council of the British Masonry Society. Adviser of the Italian National Researches Council (CNR) for Technical Standards. Author or co-author of more than 300 scientific publications and of 3 scientific and didactic books. The research activity is articulated on the following main themes: Probabilistic Theory of Structural Mechanics, Structural Safety, Limit Analysis, Theory of Structures, Aseismic Engineering, Solids and Structures made by No-Tension Material; Theory and Technique of Masonry Buildings, Seismic Risk Analysis, Active Control of Civil Engineering Structures. Author of more than 300 published papers, memoirs and interventions to meetings. He is co-author of a monograph book, "PROBABILISTIC METHODS IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING" (Chapman & Hall Editors, London, 1984, also translated in Russian) and of another book entitled ''SEISMIC RISK IN HISTORIC CENTRES'' (Ed. Del Sole, Napoli, 1996). Finally he has published a didactic book (in Italian) ''LEZIONI DI SCIENZA DELLE COSTRUZIONI'' Ed. Liguori, Napoli, 1996.

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