Plenary Lecture

Shape Memory Alloys: Mechanical Behaviour Modelling, Design Issues, Smart Devices and Numerical Implementation for Structural Control Applications

Professor Ottavia Corbi
Department of Structural Engineering
University of Naples Federico II
E-mail: ottavia.corbi@unina.it

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys’ properties may be successfully exploited for designing effective and reliable devices for the attenuation of the response of civil structures. A number of issues should be accounted for ranging from modeling problems, also with reference to not uni-axial mechanical relationships, to implementation and design issues, that are proposed and analyzed in the lecture.

Brief biography of the speaker: Ottavia Corbi graduated at the University of Naples Federico II in 1996, and, then, in 2000 with a Ph.D. degree in Structural Engineering. From 2000 she has been teaching courses on main topics of Structural Mechanics in the Department of Science of Costructions at the University of Naples. Since 2002 then she has been a faculty member of the Department of Science of Constructions and, thereafter, of the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Naples, serving as an assistant professor from 2002 to 2004, and as an associate professor from 2004 to 2012. Her research interests include structural dynamics and control of vibrations, optimization methods, materials’ modeling, static and dynamic analysis of masonry constructions, composite materials, stochastic mechanics. She is author of four books and more than 120 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings. She has also delivered many speeches at various international conferences.

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