Plenary Lecture

Interactive Educational Technologies for Interior Design History Courses

Assistant Professor Nur Ayalp
Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
University of Ankara
E-mail: nayalp@etu.edu.tr

Abstract: Interior Design education aims to lead students to enhance quality of life. In creating interior environments to support human habitation, multi dimensional approach is vital. Designing interior is not just a technical practice but also captures socio- cultural problems also. Moreover, this technical and socio-cultural knowledge strongly interact with each others. For this purpose, curriculum consisted, courses scale form technical to theoretical. Like all disciplines; history courses create a base for develop social and cultural perspective in order to solve interior design problems. In other words, history of interior design course is fundamental in developing route to students’ future professional identity. Even though the history courses lead to create a cultural perspective in education, mostly considered as a theoretical knowledge consist of ‘old’ images. Apart from gaining knowledge form a text book, history courses should also guide students to gain a vision in heritage preservation. That is, interior design history course has multidimensional responsibility. There are many different teaching techniques in history classes. The plenary speech aims to discuss these different techniques and especially focuses on the interactive teaching techniques. Is history courses only consist accumulation of historical knowledge, or it has ability to interact?

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Nur Ayalp is Associate Professor in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in TOBB ETU University. Nur Ayalp was born in Adana, Turkey on 18 May 1976. Nur Ayalp took bachelor degree of Interior Architect and Environmental Designer from Bilkent University, Turkey in 1999. She took her master of fine arts degree from same university in 2001. She also worked as a research assistant in Bilkent University during master education. She worked as an Interior Architect in MRA Architecture and Construction Firm between 2001-2004.She is a member of Chamber of Interior Architects in Ankara, Turkey. She took her PhD degree from Hacettepe University in 2008. Her researches are focused on renovation of interiors, cultural settings and environmental psychology.

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