Plenary Lecture

One Hexagonal Systolic Array Synthesized on the Adaptable Algorithm

Professor Dragan Randjelović
Department of Police sciences
Scientific field-Information technologies
Academy for criminalistic and police studies
Zemun, Serbia
E-mail: dragan.randjelovic@kpa.edu.rs

Abstract: In this paper is discussing definitions and procedures for parameters determination of systolic arrays (SA-s) which are suitable for regular 3-nested loop algorithms(this type of algorithm has calculations given by homogeneous linear relations in nested loops of index variables) implementation and between these especially defined special class so called adaptable algorithms. Namely, if we want to choose the most suitable SA for this adaptable algorithms, it is good to know their characteristics in advance, before their design and synthesis. In literature, we can find definitions of big number of space-time characteristics (objective functions) SA-s and their determination procedures and the authors choose his own procedure.
Objective of this paper is to consider one of time parameters, flow period of processor, in notation tp, and reciprocal dependency between time and space characteristics. Obtained results are illustrated trough the example of two rectangular matrix multiplication as one typical adaptable algorithm and especially its realization with one hexagonal SA for projection direction =[111]T which enables calculation of high dependability.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dragan Randjelovic born in 1953 in Niš, Serbia.
Married with Ratomirka has two sons Milan and Miloš. He graduated from the University of Niš, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Serbia in 1977. as MsC - electronic engineer in the field of Informatics and Automation. From 1980. until 1996. he worked in Development Research Institute of Electronic Industry Corporation in Niš as researcher then laboratory manager and general manager of Factory of computers. In this period he finished second degree of education as Magister of Science in the field of Applied Mathematics at Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš,Serbia in 1984. also He taked his exams for planning engineer specialized in the field of informatics and automation in1991. He is assistant from 1997. until 1999. at the University of Priština, Faculty of agriculture, Serbia . After he finished his doctoral education as Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science University of Prishtina, Serbia, in 1999. he worked as docent from 2000. until 2004. and associate professor at University of Priština, Faculty of agriculture, Serbia . From 2009. and today he is associate professor in Academy for criminalistic and police studies , Belgrade, Serbia. His focus are in systolic arrays as parallel computer architecture, multiple criteria decision and digital forensics. He is author of about 100 scientific titles from wich more than 70 published in international journals and conference proceedings.

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