Plenary Lecture

Simulation of Multiphase Porous Media Flows on High-Performance Hybrid Computing Systems

Professor Boris Chetverushkin
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia
E-mail: chetver@imamod.ru

Abstract: Nowadays, the rapid growth in the computer performance is mainly achieved due to the use of hybrid architectures including the multi-core CPUs and graphics accelerators. However, such architectures cause serious difficulties in their efficient employment and make new demands to the software development. One of the most promising approaches to construct the efficient applications for such systems consists in the creation of computational algorithms with a simple logical structure. This approach has been used at the development of the cross-platform unified parallel program library for modeling such large-scale processes in the underground space as given by the contaminant infiltration into the soil, oil recovery problems and so on. The library is written in C++ using the MPI and CUDA technologies. It consists of calculation, communication as well as control modules and allows computations of 2D and 3D problems with double precision, which can be realized on both the GPU and the NUMA cluster multi-core CPUs, the access to different memory types is optimized. To verify the developed parallel programs, some test calculations in the infiltration and oil recovery problems have been performed on the hybrid supercomputer with 100 TFLOPS peak performance.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Boris Chetverushkin was born in Moscow on 26 January 1944.
Positions: Director of Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of RAS, Professor.
Studies: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control (1966), Master of Science Graduate school at the MIPT (1969). He has received PhD in 1971, Dr.Sc. in 1981, Professor in 1988. Since 1968 he is researcher at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics.
Research fields: Numerical Methods, Computational fluid dynamics, Radiation gas dynamics, Parallel computations.
More than 340 publications including 4 books.
Leader of projects of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, INTAS, ISTC and others.
Chairman of the Russian national committee on applied and industrial mathematics. Member of ECCOMAS. Member of the scientific committee of Parallel CFD conference since its foundation.
Editor-in-Chief of Russian journal Mathematicheskoe Modelirovamie (Eng. Translation: Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations). Member of editorial boards of two others scientific journals.