Plenary Lecture

Knowledge creation capacity in designing new products for industry as extension of constructing university theoretical knowledge

Professor Les Mark Sztandera
Computer Information Systems
Philadelphia University
E-mail: sztanderal@philau.edu

Abstract: This talk reports on knowledge creation in industry sponsored engineering student projects and global collaborative approaches supported by technological advancements. It covers pedagogical issues related to these developments. It focuses on the incorporation of students with different social, cultural, and academic backgrounds into an industrial project situation where their combined contribution is required to achieve the final goal. Thus, it aims to develop clear sense of the requirements of a graduate in the industry where he/she will be involved in multifaceted team led projects. This teaching approach requires students to construct knowledge by engaging collaboratively with industry sponsored projects. It is hypothesized that this teaching method is more effective than traditional didactic approaches in developing innovative thinking, knowledge creation capacity, and professional skills. It meets the emerging needs of industry to develop managers, designers, and engineers into more accomplished practitioners in the global economy.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Les Mark Sztandera is Professor of Computer Information Systems at Philadelphia University , Philadelphia , PA 19144. His research interests include fuzzy sets and systems, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and knowledge management. Currently, Prof. Sztandera is involved in multidisciplinary industry sponsored research projects as part of the new curriculum that draws on Philadelphia University rich history in innovation and design, and long tradition of excellence in teaching and researching integrated product development. The curriculum meets the emerging needs of industry to develop managers, industrial designers, and engineers into more accomplished practitioners in the global product development processes. Prof. Sztandera draws on his experience in the development and delivery of innovative curricula to facilitate crafting of cross disciplinary projects. His cross-disciplinary work to encourage the inclusion of knowledge management principles and competences in undergraduate education led to the NSF grant award through the Division of Undergraduate Education in 1996. Complementary with his teaching effort, Prof. Sztandera has been involved in a variety of research activities. His research was funded, among others, by DoD, DoC, NSF, state Supercomputer Centers, and American Heart Association. He has delivered papers, seminars, and workshops, and published widely on soft computing issues.