Plenary Lecture

Efficient Compression of Sequences of Medical Images

Professor Roumen Kountchev
Technical Univerity of Sofia
Department of Radiocommunications and Videotechnologies
Faculty of Telecommunications
E-mail: rkountch@tu-sofia.bg

Abstract: The plenary speech will be devoted to one new approach for compression of sequences of medical images obtained from medical scanners, based on the Inverse Pyramid Decomposition. Similar idea is used for the efficient archiving of multispectral (satellite) images, which uses special adaptation of the method. The new approach is based on joint processing of the sequence of images as a group, representing the same object, and obtained after time intervals. The background of the new approach is the use of the Inverse Pyramid Decomposition, which performs leveled image representation with increasing quality of the approximations obtained in the consecutive decomposition levels, together with histogram matching to one of the images, selected to be used as a reference one. The coarsest approximation of the reference image is used to calculate the next (better) approximations of the remaining images in the group. As a result, is obtained efficient compression of the processed groups of images, which is of high importance for their archiving and storage in image databases. Numerous experiences were performed with medical and satellite images, which proved the method efficiency.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Kountchev graduated from the Technical University of Sofia (M. Sc., Electronics) and got his PhD degree at the Institute of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg, Russia. His PhD thesis was ”Digital Methods for Structure Analysis of the Objects in the Image”. The second thesis of Prof. Kountchev was on ” Inverse Pyramidal Image Decomposition: Methods and Algorithms” and it was successfully defended at the Technical University of Sofia. From 2003 he is Professor at the Technical University of Sofia. His main research interests are in image processing, image compression, invariant object representation, neural networks, image watermarking, object search in image databases, etc. He had already published 20 textbooks and invited book chapters, 291papers in proceedings of international scientific conferences and magazines, and has 20 international patents. He is the President of the Bulgarian Association for Pattern Recognition (BAPR), and is a member of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), from 1999.

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