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What is the RSS Feed? What is the WSEAS RSS Channel?

The WSEAS News are now also available in RSS (RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication"), and so you can have them automatically each time that you are connected with the internet. 
The RSS very simple and combines the advantages of both Web and Email avoiding spam. You do not need to download emails or to watch your favourite Web Pages every day.
If you are familiar with the RSS Feed, simply copy-paste the following Newsfeed of the WSEAS

Upcoming WSEAS conferences with
expired deadline

















in your RSS Reader program.
is is the WSEAS GENERAL RSS Channel. Several other RSS channels for specific areas of science and technology are under preparation. Simply, you have to install an RSS Reader (very simple) and add in your RSS  channels, the channel of the WSEAS. We recommend the FeedReader Program.

However, you can choose any other RSS Reader .

Other RSS Readers:

  • Mozilla Firefox - browser with an appropriate extension.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - works on the "feeds" like email
  • Blogbot - simply upgrades your Internet Explorer. Small Size for installation.
  • WinRSS - It is good. You can have alerts in the System Tray of Windows.
  • AmphetaDesk - Full Reader for News Feeds.

Some Examples from RSS on-line readers (you can use them also):

After the installation of your RSS News reader, add the General Newsfeed of the WSEAS (make copy-paste of the following web address in your RSS News Reader):

Your News Reader will download automatically the WSEAS News in your computer from time to time or each time that your computer will be connected with the internet. For more details about RSS Feed, read this TUTORIAL

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