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Volume 16, 2017

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Volume 16, 2017

Alternative Analytical Solution for Position and Orientation in Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Systems

AUTHORS: Murilo Teixeira Silva, Eduardo Telmo Fonseca Santos, Jose Mario Araujo, Lurimar Smera Batista

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ABSTRACT: An alternative analytical solution to six degrees-of-freedom position and attitude estimation problem is proposed. The proposed method relies on the use of Singular Value Decomposition to the transformation matrix between the currents in the transmitter and in the receiver. The proposed method is validated using synthetic data, in which a random motion is applied to the transmitter within an environment with di erent levels of noise. Once the e cacy of the method is confirmed, the proposed algorithm is benchmarked against a well established closedform solution. The presented method was able to accurately obtain the position and orientation, with performance comparable to the benchmark.

KEYWORDS: Electromagnetic Sensor, Motion Tracking, Analytical Solution, Parameter Estimation


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