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Volume 17, 2018

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Volume 17, 2018

Analysis of Third-Grade Heat Absorption Hydromagnetic Exothermic Chemical Reactive Flow in a Darcy-Forchheimer Porous Medium with Convective Cooling

AUTHORS: S. O. Salawu

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The study examine boundary layer non-Newtonian fluid, laminar, viscous and incompressible heat absorption chemical reactive flow with asymmetry convective cooling in a Darcy-forchheimer porous medium. The electrically conducting fluid flow is driven by thermal buoyancy force and axial pressure gradient along a fixed channel. The convective exchange heat with the surrounding temperature at the walls surface follows Newtons law of cooling. The solutions to the dimensionless nonlinear equations governing the flow are obtained using weighted residual method (WRM). The computational assessment of the analytical results in the boundary layer is carried out and the graphical results for the momentum and energy distributions are obtained. The coefficient of skin friction and Nusselt number are also showed and discussed accordingly for some pertinent parameters entrenched in the flow. From the result shows that a rise in Frank-Kamenetskii parameter needs to be guide because it contribute significantly to the destruction of the system thermo-fluid also there is an increase in the fluid bonding force that makes it to be more viscoelastic as the non-Newtonian parameter increases.

KEYWORDS: Hydromagnetic; Exothermic reaction; Darcy-forchheimer; Heat absorption; Convective cooling


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