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Said Agoujil
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Said Agoujil
Abdeslem Hafid Bentbib

WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics

Print ISSN: 1109-2769
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Volume 17, 2018

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Volume 17, 2018

A Note on Symplectic J-SVD Like Decomposition

AUTHORS: Said Agoujil, Abdeslem Hafid Bentbib

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ABSTRACT: This paper presents a symplectic J-SVD like decomposition of 2n-by-2m rectangular real matrix based on symplectic reflectors. The idea for this approach was to use symplectic reflectors to first reduce the matrix to J-bidiagonal form and then transform it to a diagonal form by using sequence of symplectic similarity transformations. This was done in parallel with the Golub-Kahan-Reinsch method. This method allowed us to compute eigenvalues for the skew-Hamiltonian matrix AJA.

KEYWORDS: Singular value decomposition (SVD), Hamiltonian matrix, Skew-Hamiltonian matrix, Symplectic matrix, Symplectic reflector


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WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-2769 / 2224-2880, Volume 17, 2018, Art. #10, pp. 65-73

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